Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One Week!!!

I'll be more than halfway to Vancouver in just seven days. YIPPEE!!!

They say "a change will do you good" (or at least Sheryl Crow sings those words of wisdom), so not only am I moving to a new city in a new country, but I also have a brand new haircut. I cut six inches of hair off yesterday (and I'm not quite sure I like it now, but too little too late at this point).

Since I still have lots of things left to do (learn the metric system, learn the words to "O Canada" and pack), I am going to say farewell to this blog for a while. However, check out my Vancouver blog here. I will start it as soon as I get settled out there. I will update it a few times a week so check back often. As usual, keep the emails coming, but make sure you send them to either of my AOL addresses instead of the current (and soon to be disconnected) Bellsouth addresses.


Amy said...

I loved your long hair. Don't worry it will grow back. Change is good and I wish safe travels to you. I look forward to reading your Van blog. Have fun and stay in touch ok?

Kristen said...

Why did you cut your hair? I always regret it the day after I do that. Please call me so we can go out one more time before you leave. I'll email you now just in case you don't read this.


Rodrigo said...
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Mindy said...

Hi, Amy!!! Of course I will stay in touch.


I have no idea why I cut my hair. I'm hating it today, but I'm sure I will get used to it. I'll call you Friday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mindy. I just bookmarked your Vancouver blog. I hope you like living there as much as I liked visiting when I was in school. Have a safe trip.

Lauren :)

Kristen said...

I can't comment on your other blog :( But... I wanted to say that I am glad you made it ok and have a great trip to San Fran!