Friday, April 13, 2007


My beloved Stars lost in 4 OTs the other night to the Vancouver Canucks, but Game 2 is tonight on Versus (a little-known channel I had to scroll through my TiVo guide to find), and I plan to watch every minute of it...even if it goes 4 OTs again.

Click here for the kick-butt Dallas Stars fight song from Pantera.
Please Note: Do not click on the above link if you have young kids, pets or co-workers around or if you hate loud, obnoxious killer guitar riffs and/or metal music. You've been warned.
Gastown Melvin (posing with his Stanley Cup from the Hockey Hall of Fame and his Vancouver Canucks hockey puck) is cheering on the opposition.


kurt said...

that fight song is badass. i laughed so hard i had to listen to it again. LETS GO RED WINGS. i didn't know melvin was a canucks fan. you both are going down.

Anonymous said...

red wings
red wings
red wings
red wings

detroit degenerate in suburban phoenix

Mindy said...

No comment to Dumb (Kurt) and Dumber (Dirk)!!! ;P

linda said...

Booo ;D Did you watch the first game? The WHOLE first game?

Mindy said...

Hi, Linda. It's nice to see somebody smart comment here. LOL. Don't get me wrong, I adore Kurt and Dirk, but I can't stand hearing about the Red Wings. ACK!!!

I was sad when I saw the standings that the Stars would be playing the Canucks. It's kind of hard for me to hate the Canucks, but I just can't cheer them on at this time. I didn't see the first game because here in the States hockey is only on one channel, and since I was in Chicago when the first game was on, we couldn't find Versus on television.

I haven't done my D.C. and Chicago trip reports yet (I'm sick, tired and quite frankly don't feel like doing them right now), but in D.C. when we were leaving dinner at Al Tiramisu, there were four Sabres players leaving the restaurant at the same time as me and my friend. I wasn't sure whether to ask for autographs or pictures, so I just left them alone. We were right behind them on the street and had plenty of chances to bother them, but I just felt it was best to leave them alone. Plus, I had no clue who they were. The hostess at the restaurant said they were Sabres hockey players and since the Sabres were playing the Capitals the next day, well, it makes sense, I suppose.