Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Buenos Aires or Bust

I'm not sure if my partner-in-crime travel companion realizes this yet or not, but we're going to Buenos Aires next year...even if I have to pay for the whole trip myself. I started reading about Buenos Aires about two years ago, but I really started doing more research on the city about six months ago. The city is beginning to get more press buzz recently which makes me think we better get there sooner rather than later before it becomes "discovered". And, unlike places like the UK and Europe where the dollar is such a weak exchange to the GBP and the Euro, South America is still affordable (at least for now).

How can you resist a city known as "the Paris of South America"? (Speaking of Paris, I really need to get that itinerary planned for next month. I guess first things first. Sadly, Buenos Aires will have to wait...but not for long.)

Stay tuned for more Buenos Aires (and possibly Iguazu Falls and Easter Island) posts.

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