Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bon Voyage!!!

I just wanted to say farewell (only temporarily, of course) to my parents who leave for Rome tomorrow. They're going on this cruise next week, and I'm so envious they get to go to Turkey and Croatia (not so envious about Greece, though...well, maybe Santorini). Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful trip, and don't forget to bring me back something personally blessed by the Pope. (Inside joke.)

My brother was nice enough (forced by me) to go dogsit (in their lame small town in Florida) because I had packing to do up here. He may even be so bored (oh, he will be) that he reads my blog for the next two weeks. (Hi, Mike!!!)

Have fun, Mom and Dad!!! I love you lots.

The cute dog (and avid blog reader) who couldn't go on the cruise: (Hi, Mariah!!!)

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Kristen said...

Travel must be in the genetics. I hope they have fun. My sympathy to Mike. LOL.