Thursday, May 10, 2007



I have a headache. A throbbing headache. I hate when so many little things go wrong (or should I say when things don't go my way?)

First, I come home to my mail that was on hold and two bills are past due. My brother came down to pay my bills once while I was in France, so this shouldn't be the case. Apparently, my mail person cannot read when to start redelivering my mail, or I would have had these bills in time to pay them ON TIME. We have always had the dumbest mail people deliver our mail here. (You should hear some of the stories my neighbors have, too.) I am constantly getting wrong mail, and I usually get my bills only a few days before they are due. Thank GOD for online banking. My friends and family know what a freak I am about paying my bills the same day they come in the mail (learned that from my dad), so having to call two places today to explain my situation really makes me mad.

Second, I talked to two real estate places in Vancouver, and I cannot reserve a place to live until 2.5 weeks before my arrival. Not only does that stress me out (I'm a planner, can you tell?), but summer rates on the condos are "in effect" and are now $400 - $700 more than the already obscene prices. I am already going to be paying four times (yes, I said four times) what I now pay for rent for a small box, so is it really necessary to tack on an additional $400 - $700? My brother has a three bedroom/two bathroom house with a big yard for three times less than what I will be paying in Vancouver. However, he lives in the boring soccer-mom 'burbs of Atlanta while I will be living in beautiful B.C. There is a cost for good living, I suppose.

Third, I found out last night that this limo service in Paris that NEVER showed up at the airport to pick me and my mom up charged my credit card. WTF?

Last but not least, I cannot figure out how to do certain things in Picasa to upload my France pictures.

I realize there are a lot worse things in my life that could be happening right now, but I just needed to vent. I feel a little better now.

I'm throwing in the towel now. I'm off to bake something.


Kurt said...

watching the wings tomorrow night will make you feel better. come over and i'll grill some chicken.

Anonymous said...

You need a margarita.

WINGS all the way,

Mindy said...

Hi, boys!!!

Yup, I'll come over tomorrow night. Let me know what you want me to bring.

Dirk, I just told my brother today that I wanted to go out for Mexican food this weekend, so I may just have to have a medicinal margarita to get me through the next few weeks.

As usual, I have no comment on the Red Wings. And no more cracks via email about being beaten by the Canucks. I'm still bitter about the whole debacle. I plan to kick the first person I see in Vancouver with a Canucks jersey on. :)